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Wellcome to japan's beatiful ocean

              O.MO.TE.NA.SHI for you

We accept all over the world diverse. We gonna introdoce japan's beautiful deep ocean world. We can pick you up your hotel or Airport or someware We can arrangement for youguys.We're looking forward to meet you and Off we go dive  ocean. 

Trial  Diving  -entrence of beach-

#Odawara kanagawa/prefe   1beach dive 25000yen/person     

#East izu shizuoka/prefe    1beach dive 35000yan/person     

#West izu shizuoka/prefe   1beach dive 36000yen/person          

Fun diving  -2 beach dive-

#Odawara kanagawa/prefe   30000yen/person   

#East izu shizuoka/prefe    38000yan/person     

#West izu shizuoka/prefe   38000yen/person 

→If you change 2boat dive  add 7000yen/person

#Ito chiba/prefe  40000yen/person  (boat dive)

Snorkeling  -Accept age from 4years old-

#Odawara kanagawa/prefe   15000yen/person   

#East izu shizuoka/prefe    25000yan/person     

#West izu shizuoka/prefe   25000yen/person 

Resevation can be made by Email or contact of on our home page.      

Please join us! We will wait for youguys!

Many people family couple etc・・・・・We can make special price for you!

Please ask us >>>>>


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